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Women’s chestnut sheepskin boots from UGG with a cosy, fleece insole that keeps feet warm and dry. An update on the iconic silhouette, the ‘Mini Bailey Bow II’ boots have been crafted from pre-treated twinface and suede to resist water and stains for increased durability. Accentuated with a tonal midsole and bow detailing to the rear. Set on a Treadlite by UGG outsole and complete with the brand’s signature logo to the heel.

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67 reviews for ugg1016501 Bailey Bow II Boot

  1. Ts543 (verified owner)

    Die Schuhe sind ein absoluter Fake, es fehlen die QR Codes im Schuh und auf der Kiste, das Etikett ist schief angenäht, die Farbe Chestnut ist dem Original weit entfernt, die Sohle ist ein Witz, geht wie ein Trichter nach innen!!! Für mich nicht nachvollziehbar, denn meine Schuhe sind von Amazon direkt ?!?! Das ist Betrug!!!

  2. JNT (verified owner)

    Product was perfect. Around Christmas a lot of items weren’t being delivered (happened to a few family members and myself.) Amazon was great about the missing item and created a new order and shipped immediately, granted, I had to reach out to Amazon first it wasn’t just automatic. New shipment went out and got these to my MIL in time for Christmas and she loved them… true to size, perfect color and the box was pristine. I wanted to try them on before giving them to her but the paper and everything was so perfect inside that I didn’t want to even damage the look of it.

  3. Michelle S. (verified owner)

    I wore these boots until I wore them out. I should have been more diligent in using a protective spray because after one winter (and spraying a very light coating of protectant) the toes and heels were dingy with no hope of getting that beautiful blue back again. I will try to order something like this in the future because not only did they make my feet look thinner than regular UGGS but I was consistently told how cute they were.

  4. Word Soup (verified owner)

    They fit perfectly, I am a UK 7, easy to put on, and they feel so warm and snug. Ideal to wear around the house, or out and about. This is the seond pair of genuine Ugg boots I have had. They are quality.

    I lived in Australia for some years and people wear them there in all weathers, heat and cold, because they keep your feet snug and at the correct temperature to stay comfortable all year long. Wear them without socks. Never part with them.

    I really love mine, the little bows at the back are fixed bows, and are so cute, and no I’m not 16, I’m in my early 60s! But love to wear my Uggs all the time, better than any other brand, better than any pair of slippers you could ever buy to wear around the house, Uggs are just perfect. Wear them on the beach, to go shopping, or just indoors, if you buy a pair you will love them. What’s to dislike?

    My older pair are now about 9 years old and still going strong and look good, they are a longer pair, up to the knee, you can turn down or leave up. So they last well too.

  5. Pattycake69 (verified owner)

    I like these boots and have worn them a few times, but not as much during the Pandemic because I want to keep them clean. I usually wear size 10, but with these I ordered size 11 because I have wide or swollen feet and can’t my feet into a 10. I discovered my sister could fit the size 10 when I ordered a different colored pair in10 that didn’t fit me. I gave them to her and they fit, so she got them as a gift.

  6. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Bought these during lockdown. Super comfy loved them but they have worn through to a hole in a few months. Bought on Amazon so only covered for 30 days. UGG would normally cover for 12 months. Buying from Amazon was an expensive mistake!

  7. Quetta (verified owner)

    These boots are my first EVER pair of Uggs and I love the them. Even though it has gotten that cold my feet are nice and warm.. not overly hot and they are soo comfortable it’s like walking on clouds lol I love them.

  8. Cliente Amazon (verified owner)

    Acabo de recibir el producto, se cataloga como producto original pero a mi no me lo parece.
    En las etiquetas del talón falta marca de producto original, en la bota izquierda no hay etiqueta con el código QR.
    Me gustaría una explicación.

  9. Jenny (verified owner)

    These UGGS came in a UGG box wrapped in the tissue paper and all. Some people were saying it was a plain box no UGG symbol on it not mine it was the UGG box, the boots were wrapped in the tissue paper also. There is nothing wrong with these Ugg’s there perfect, comfortable. I recommend these boots and I’m a size 9 these are true to size. Hope this helps everyone

  10. Nevelyn Batiste (verified owner)

    This is my first ugg purchase and I absolutely love them! I wear a 9.5 women’s and took a chance on ordering the 8 in Ugg’s. They were a Cinderella fit. Just ordered the pink and the gray. I’m hooked…..?

  11. Desiree Harper (verified owner)

    I purchased these boots as a gift to myself and I am in love with them. I loved that I didn’t have to spend as much for them as I would have if I had purchased directly from Ugg. The fact that I have the name brand boot with a lower cost, makes me very happy. I will be purchasing more. They are very warm, the only thing is my first couple of wears the black die from the boot would be on my feet when I take them off.

  12. Me (verified owner)

    I bought these without looking at the reviews first. On the night before delivery I decided to read them. A lot of the reviews stated that they received fake Uggs. So I was ready to start the return process the minute my package was delivered. Instead I pulled them out of the box and searched how to tell real vs fake Uggs! These passed every single one of the authenticity checks so if they are fake, they’re some darn good fakes. Lol! I am happy I finally purchased these bc I had been wanting them for a years. I just hadn’t bought them bc I live in Texas where winter lasts 48 hours!

  13. Classic Movie Girl (verified owner)

    I love the style with the bows. i love that little extra femininity. I wear mostly midi skirts and I love the surprise as my skirt moves and the view from the back and sides . They are very well made. I highly recommend them. i would purchase other UGG styles.

  14. Tammy Davenport (verified owner)

    These are my third pair of Ugg’s in 7yrs. I live in Minnesota. I tend to put my Ugg’s through hell, but each and everyone of them has never failed me. I ALWAYS order the care kit you buy separately, literally will add yrs to your boots. It will clean stains on my boots that are months old. So I would definitely buy again and would recommend these to anyone.

  15. Kimberly Reinauer (verified owner)

    The UGG Women’s Bailey Bow II Boot are so cute. They are very wide for a narrow boot. So you will need to wear a very thick sock is you have a narrow foot. SO CUTE!

  16. Mandy (verified owner)

    I love them. Just as I expected! They are perfect. I usually wear a size 8 and I bought a size 7 in Ugg’s and they fit great. I am definitely going to buy more colors and styles.

  17. king Goldson (verified owner)

    So after my boyfriend brought me these UGGs for Christmas i unfortunately tripped over and broke my ankle. I have only just started to wear them for around 2 weeks and the stitching is starting to come apart, if I pull the cotton the whole stitching around the shoe will come off. I have tried to contact Amazon regarding the issue but they refuse to help in any which way. Right now the only thing I am comfortable in wearing is UGGs because of the metal plates that I have had fitted into my ankle. I’m super disappointed and thought amazon would of done more for me. I highly don’t recommend these UGGs at all because if you have any issues down the line your not going to get any help at all. My boyfriend brought them back in December for around £175. So do yourself a favour and buy from a trusted site because there’s nothing worse then wasting your money!

  18. CJ McCain (verified owner)

    Girlfriend loves them but after a couple months they tore a hole in them

  19. Yolanda (verified owner)

    I love the way the boots fit, the fur makes it feels like I’m walking on clouds

  20. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    UGG’s are always great quality. These boots are so comfy and warm. The size 8 fits perfect, this is my regular size.

  21. Shopping 4me (verified owner)

    I would recommend if you ware half size go down to the next size vs going up.
    I normally ware a size 8 1/2 so I bought a size 9 as UGG doesn’t sell half sizes.
    They are just a bit too big, so I have to ware extra thick socks or I get blisters.

  22. Loving mom (verified owner)

    Great fit and comfortable. I love Uggs, they are so warm and snuggly.

  23. Melissa Perkins (verified owner)

    Love these beautiful green

  24. LISA HAWKINS (verified owner)

    I just wore these to the beach and in the picture you can see they still look brand new

  25. Chigirl (verified owner)

    My daughter loves these boots.

  26. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    The boots were just as expected and in cant stop wearing them! It only tool two days too be delivered and they are the most comfortable boots ive ever owned.

  27. Ronda L Poole (verified owner)

    Bought as a gift and they were perfect. Looks great with leggings and the fit was as expected

  28. Rachael Barnes (verified owner)

    Your daughter will steal these from your closet without asking.

  29. Michelle (verified owner)

    Daughter asked for this for Xmas. It fit perfect !

  30. Roseanna (verified owner)

    Product was delivered on time. True to size. 5 stars ?

  31. Cheshire Cat (verified owner)

    My granddaughter has been wearing Uggs for several years and loves them—since she has not complained about her Xmas gift, it must be the same as always as stated above.

  32. Owen (verified owner)

    Bought these for my wife. Came packed cleanly. Thumbs up.

  33. Stephanie King (verified owner)

    My daughter absolutely loved these boots! They made the perfect Christmas gift. Super cute and comfy.

  34. Teresalynn Galloway (verified owner)

    Ordered this for my wife. Christmas present she loves them.

  35. Priscillasteed (verified owner)

    Comfort nice boot

  36. Amazon Customer (verified owner)


  37. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I am comparing these UGGs with my previous ones that I had gotten as a gift. These are not as comfortable and very hard to get on. Maybe if my ankles were more flexible, they would be alright. The seam across the top of my foot is too tight and does not give. Once I finally forced my foot into the boot, it was fine. My older boots have a zipper on the outside and the most comfortable footwear I have ever had.

  38. Rhema (verified owner)

    Great item

  39. Leroy (verified owner)

    Came two days sooner than expected and my wife absolutely Loves them.

  40. Daniel Rubens, Janine Rubens (verified owner)


  41. marisol woitowicz (verified owner)

    Love them

  42. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Authentic Ugg’s, so cute with the ribbons on the back. Not water resistant.

  43. Yvonne Schneider (verified owner)

    I can’t thank Robert Wayne for the on time delivery as they said it would be. Perfect delivery and she loves them. Thank you.

  44. Jennifer25 (verified owner)

    Very nice fur in the inside. Very comfortable.

  45. M. John Breton III (verified owner)

    Husband bought these for me. They run small, so go a size up in any Uggs. The color is the perfect “chestnut” that has been the popular OG color. The bows are adorable. They are exactly what I asked for (3rd pair of Uggs)!

  46. Ebony (verified owner)

  47. Dara Garbuzinski (verified owner)

    Best Christmas gift ever! Never thought I really wanted an expensive pair of house boots, but man my feet stay so warm on these concrete floors!
    Easy to clean very comfortable!

  48. Latanya Bellman (verified owner)

    This boot is very comfortable.

  49. Marsha Fearrington (verified owner)

    Perfect fit!

  50. SM (verified owner)

    They’re very lightweight. Can’t tell if they’re real so I’ll have it confirmed before keeping them. They are very comfortable and fit my wide foot and high arch however I don’t know about the quality until they’re broken in. I know legit Ugg’s and bear paws are great. Mine have lasted 5 years and now need replacing.

  51. Nicoel (verified owner)

    It was a gift for my mom- she LOVES THEM! We did end up sending the first pair back and going a size bigger so she could wear with thick socks, but the second pair was perfect. She lives in the mountains and snow, so they’re approved for cold weather.

  52. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    After a month of wearing the Bailey bows, they are faded. I didn’t even get them wet, so I’m pretty disappointed. I am frequent buyer of uggs, and I have never had this happen. My ugg boots normally last years not a month.

  53. Jen Samoy (verified owner)

    Very nice authentic Ugg boots.

  54. Marie (verified owner)

    I would love half sizes.

  55. Kim (verified owner)

    Comfy and cute.

  56. Josefina (verified owner)


  57. Dominic (verified owner)

    Great as a gift aswell fits true size.
    Get the UGG care kit with this aswell

  58. Amanda Nimmo (verified owner)

    Fit like they should. Very comfy!

  59. Eileen Vance (verified owner)

    Bows did not untie

  60. Angelina (verified owner)

    I’ve owned the classic Uggs before and these seem like the same great quality you expect from Ugg. They are cozy and super stylish. I am very happy with my purchase!

  61. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I was hesitant about ordering because of previous reviews saying they are fake. I ordered two pairs and they are NOT fake! Very cute & warm! Everything is as expected.

  62. Cierra Washington (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these boots. The clear plastic on top is the best part of the shoe cause you can finally wear them and not worry about them getting real wet. I wear a size 9 and ordered a 9 and they fit perfect. 10/10

  63. Michele (verified owner)

    I love them very comfortable thank you Amazon,

  64. Michele Sudberry (verified owner)

    I liked the product but sent it back… Foot did not fit well with no zipper… And boot was a little too big

  65. Peanut Butter (verified owner)

    I love them they are so cute! However, I thought they were going to be more on the yellow side, turned out to be more on the lime green side but they are still booming! I bought them for my daughter for her birthday because she loves Uggs, she loves yellow and she loves them. I may even buy myself some later and I love me some neon colors

  66. Chantel (verified owner)

    The price was right!

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