G-Dragon x Air Force 1 ’07 ‘Para-Noise 2.0’


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Much like the original, the pair delivers enlarged laces, a daisy on the tongue, and an all-encompassing coat of removable paint; but while these are identical in form, the colorway itself is effectively flipped as black dresses what white did prior. Tumbled leather swooshes outfit the side in contrast, complementing that of the streaks along the midsole and markings along the tread. The signature “PEACEMINUSONE” logo ‘s petals are then dyed fully in dark shade, mirroring the palette all around. Finished with a secondary set of white laces and two eyelet pins, the pair is effectively furnished in the same manner as its predecessor.

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The G-Dragon x Nike Air Force 1 “07 “Para-Noise 2.0 ” is the follow-up colorway to the 2019 Air Force 1 collaboration undertaken with the Korean hip hop star. This pair essentially flips the color blocking of the original, featuring a black Swoosh on a white leather upper, its top layer designed to wear away and reveal custom artwork created by G-Dragon. Additional flourishes include decorative eyelet pins, an embroidery daisy atop the tongue and crude brushstroke effects on the midsole.


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18 reviews for G-Dragon x Air Force 1 ’07 ‘Para-Noise 2.0’

  1. 1 Slick

    Of at least 100 people I know, I myself absolutely love the Air Force. There is a lack of quality every once in a while, but usually communicates without issue. Wish I could get more out of my single account on one phone, but my days are coming. Nike and Jordan forever, these are 75% of my wardrobe and 90% of my shoes. Thank you, will be ordering more soon!

  2. Huan Trinh

    This shoe is quite affordable and has performed quite well in different seasons over the years. Especially in winter in Minnesota. People are generally concerned about wearing all-white shoes because they tend to get dirty faster. However, the body of this pair is made of leather. This makes the shoes less susceptible to stains and easier to clean.

  3. Jack Cam

    Overall, if you love iconic sneakers and want something you can count on, these are the shoes for you. Although they lack the capacity for more physical activity, these kicks can be used for just about anything else. Even if my pair of shoes breaks, I will continue to buy these shoes and I would encourage you to do the same.

  4. Danielle guevara

    I purchased for my fiance, air force 1 is his favorite shoes. I purchased 6 other types of shoes for his bday in March 2021 and had to return all but one pair and the choice was the air force 1. They goes with nearly anything. Every day wear for him. They are a must have shoe. I recommend every men, women, boy or girl must have pair. Good investment and my fiance has been smiling ever since. Good price, quality, good looks.

  5. jamyah green

    My husband never gets nice shoes and usually isn’t into brands. He was skeptical but ended up really loving this product. He says they are comfortable and feel sturdy like they are going to last long but also keep his feet “together” while not feeling tight. He usually has to wear 10.5 wide but the 10.5 regular fits him great. Was able to wear it all day without any issues.

  6. Danielle guevara

    Over the summer I opted to bring my air force ones as one of the two pairs of shoes for an eight week trip to China. Firstly, I chose these shoes for their versatility with my wardrobe. Since the air force 1’s are white they are quite neutral and can, therefore, be paired with any colored clothes you want. I also chose these sneakers because I anticipated that I’d be doing a lot of walking in China as well as occasionally playing basketball. The air forces worked just fine traveling within the city but lacked enough grip for anything more involved than that. Additionally, after repeated use of these shoes for basketball, the air bubble in the sole popped. Due to the air force’s performance in China, I would recommend you to not purchase these shoes for intense physical activities.

  7. That1IndoorKid

    I have owned the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 in all white for three years. I bought these shoes for general wear in college as well as at home in Minneapolis. I would recommend this shoe to school students or anyone who lives in an urban environment and is looking for a versatile sneaker they wear regularly.

  8. Martin soto

    These shoes bring me back to the originals! They are an iconic shoe that is able to bring back anyone to the first time you ever wore a pair like this. The great thing about this shoe is that it’s simple, you can dress this shoe up and still be fashion forward.

  9. Tênis icônico e qualidade equivalente!

    Tênis muito lindo e bem acabado, a qualidade dos materiais é excelente e dá até dó de usar. Combina com diversos tipos de roupa e fica muito bonito no pé, recomendo a compra! Recomendo também calçar o tênis de alguém que tenha o mesmo modelo se possível para verificar a numeração, eu fiz isso e o tamanho chegou certo mas já vi pessoas falando que a forma é um pouco menor, então para evitar transtornos é interessante pegar um modelo que já tenha ou provar de algum amigo que tenha para ver se é adequado.

  10. RISING 11

    And wow, walking and especially running on them feels like I’m running on clouds, it really lessens impact on your feet and whole body.

  11. Jack Cam

    Shoes will still develop creases over time, but this is unavoidable with any shoe made of leather. The sneaker remains comfortable after long commutes and shifts of up to six hours. Whether your feet are narrow or wide, this shoe will fit your specific foot shape. With flat feet, I need a shoe that provides extra arch support. The air force 1 provides a sturdy sole that can support any foot width.

  12. infect mangle

    The item is authentic, product unscathed, the box is also well maintained. delivery is also quick. Not to mention the customer service is reliable and quick. Overall an amazing experience when purchasing sneakers online. Would buy from PK-Shoes again

  13. LSheely 23

    I love the classic look of these iconic shoes. These shoes are great for everyday wear and even for exercise. They are comfortable and light to wear and offer a lot of cushioning. The toe box took a few days to break in, but it’s very comfortable now. This is a great everyday shoe that can go with just about anything!

  14. Say What

    I would like to say that I am very happy and satisfied with the Air Force 1. The shoes are very small, fit my feet perfectly and are quite comfortable. This is an everyday shoe I wear every day without any issues with durability. So scratches, nicks or fading. As for the price, I think it’s pretty fair and affordable for a fashionable and durable show with tons of different outfits.

  15. Abrahim Ajrouche

    The quality of the leather on the shoes is pretty good, even with the dirt, I don’t have any stains on my shoes, the dirt has just been wiped off, and it still looks good after nearly a year of use. Overall, I’m very happy with this shoe and I’m likely to buy a lot of Air Force 1 over time, thanks. put away

  16. O E

    It’s a very classic form and works really well as a casual sneaker and a must have basic. I liked them before bying, but they looked even better on me. at first they were kind of tight on around the front, but loosened up after a first walk.

  17. infect mangle

    Easy to place an order, received quickly. exactly as described

  18. Manuel Ledesma

    with the final order I was very pleased. Found out that with these shoes my son is not his normal size 10, we ended up with a perfect size 9. Thanks to all the agents who assured me with the returns/ exchanges .

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